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I use about 3,4 Devices (PC, 2 Laptops) and an android mobile phone where I use Joplin (sync happens on my NextCloud).

I set every device to not auto download attachements but only on the main pc.
I also only enabled OCR on that main pc.

So is my assumption correct that when I make a new note on my android device and attach a scan in that note (jpg file - note gets synced to NextCloud) whenever I start joplin on my main pc (which is the only device which auto downloads all attachments and also the main device where OCR is enabled) this attachements will be OCR'ed?

Next question is when it gets OCR'ed (and synced again to my Nextcloud) - when I search for something specific from that attachement can I search for such OCR text in all of my devices (2 laptops and android phone) or will the search only be successful on the main pc?