PSA - Be careful enabling OCR if you have a large number of notes & attachments

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I currently have the following note and resource counts::
Notes: 11074/11074
Folders: 32/32
Resources: 11885/11885
Tag: 1626/1626
Total: 53294/53294

I installed v2.14.19 last week and enabled OCR on my main production machine. It seemed OK for a couple of hours but I noticed it was syncing more than usual and soon the system was stuck into a continuous sync loop, locking up the application and requiring re-starts to get access again. I ended up having to open into safe mode in order to get the application to be responsive in any way, and even then after syncing for a hour it would eventually lock up and require another restart.

Luckily I have another Windows box that was still running v2.13.15, so I grabbed a backup from there of my entire joplin-desktop, uninstalled v2.14.19 on my main machine, deleted the joplin-desktop folder on that machine (after backing it up of course) and then re-installed v2.13.15 on that machine and restoring the previous version joplin-desktop from the other machine to this machine.

I'm back up and running now. I am assuming that the OCR functionality needs to try and scan all resources. In my case, I believe this pushed the system over the edge.

Just an FYI if anyone else with a large resource count wants to try OCR - make sure you backup the previous version's joplin-desktop.


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