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after doing some changes my joplin-installation ends in chaos with nearly 2000 conflicted notes. My story:

Until last week I synced with my nextcloud. It was slow but runs without any problems. I sync more than two computers (Windows, macOS) and two cellphones (Android).

Last week I decided to encrypt all my notes. I gotthe first (only a few) conflicts with attachments. I tried to sync one device after the other.

Than, I decided to set up a joplin server for faster sync. I synced alle the encrypted notes. Until last week my wife and I use the same account for synchronization. But with the joplin server it was possible to share a notebook. The problem, I was not able to sync a sub-notebook. So, I move some sub-notebook to a new notebook for sharing. Now, I shared everything with my wife. It lasts for hours. After synchronisation on the server I had more than 3 GB of data.

After finishing the synchronisation I decided to clean up some notes. I delete many notes (after export to file system) and clear some notes from with images from web-clipper. So far, everything works fine. But, because of the note history, the size doesn't shrink. So, I set the history to one day. Now, the drama begans. Today, in the morning, all notes (< 1700) from the new create top level notebook were moved to the confliced folder, on all devices.

I don't know why. It was very frustrating.

Luckely, I have a backup from yesterday, so, now I am recovering everything.

I don't know, what happened. I got no error message or warning. Everything seemed to be nice.

As I wrote, I imported a backup. Now I will try the joplin server again, without encryption and with only one account for my wife and me.

Never change a running system. :frowning:

Best regards