First step towards GSOC 2020

Hey! I am Aaryan Kapur and go by aaryan-kapur on GitHub. I am a 2nd-year Btech student at Bennett University, India, and have extensive experience in web and app development(especially ReactJS, AngularJS, React-Native, etc.) and python, js, ruby, go lang, and a beginner with data science. I am looking forward to contributing to Joplin for GSOC 2020.
I have already started understanding and working on the codebase and initial issues!
A few projects that I am extremely interested in and believe i can contribute successfully :

Sharing on mobile

Password-protected notes

Looking forward to guidance and support from this wonderful community!
Thank You,
*Aaryan Kapur, *
+91 7507442555,

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Welcome, Aaryan. I love the resume approach you have going on here. I can’t wait to see what you’re capable of. :wink:

hey @bedwardly-down!
I would love to work with and awestruck you again soon!
looking forward to guidance!
Thank you!

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Hey @bedwardly-down can I get your contact information to seek further guidance and support!

I’m sorry but all help goes through the forum what is closely watched by us.
Your proposal will be discusses privately as describe in the blog

Ok sir!
I am sorry for the confusion!
@PackElend @bedwardly-down

sir, I am getting an error: undefined symbol: _main

can you post your error in #development and avoid to use screenshots, you can attached it to your topic but only written logs etc will be answered

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We reviewed your draft but we have to let you know that there is not enough substance in it to be able to make an opinion.
Moreover, the fact that your rapped specs in a code block, with weird syntax highlighting, doesn’t give a good impression.

Last but not least, we haven’t not seen any contribution from you.
It’s possible that you deliver a brilliant PR what will change our mind, but for now, your star is not shining.

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