Kartik Saxena's introduction

Hello fellow developers,

I'm Kartik Saxena, a passionate undergraduate student hailing from India, eager to dive into the vibrant world of software development and contribute to this amazing community. My interest lies in leveraging React Native to enhance the Joplin experience across iOS and Android platforms. Additionally, I'm excited about exploring the potential of developing a Joplin wearables app, as outlined in the GSoC ideas section on GitHub.

With a fervent enthusiasm for coding and a keen eye for innovation, I'm ready to tackle the challenges and make meaningful contributions to these projects. Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary together!

Looking forward to connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and making a positive impact in the developer community.

GitHub username: kartiksaxena532 (kartiksaxena532 (KARTIK SAXENA) · GitHub)

even this introduction is 100% ai generated :roll_eyes:

And your other works are full of unaltered ai generated content. Is there any way to review your skills?

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again to put it into words i used ai to refine the text this idea was from the github readme repo of gsoc

to review me skills you can check my gitthub and my portfolio websites i have no problem
to get the link please check my readme on github