Find and Replace

Excuse me, is it possible to publish a file so that offline computers can also use this function? Thank you

If you want, you can go to github to download all the content of this directory, and then open it through the local static resource server



I just had to post to say thank-you for creating this very useful tool. I can now remove all the unwanted clipped pictures, logos, avatars etc from my Joplin resources folder!!

AND I can now do a simple search and replace through all my notes AND more ....

I am happy :slight_smile:


+1: Find and Replace built into Joplin native would be a great tool.

+1: I cannot second this enough. Find and Replace built into Joplin native would let me work on more complex markdown notes at ease. Right now, I have to keep them simpler, which will impact my workflow eventually.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You - this tool has solved a number of issues for me! Good work. :1st_place_medal: :heart_eyes:

What difference would it make to built it native?

@rxliuli I think it would be interesting have an option to activate metacharacters at least in the "replaced text" box. If I want to search "

" and put two newline chars in that place, how can I do that?

@oscaretu Because of the joplin search limit, I think this is impossible? @laurent

What do you mean by metacharacter?

I hope it's okay to do a little self-promotion here...
I made a small plugin that adds search and replace on a per note basis: Plugin: Search and Replace


I think, @oscaretu meant something like \n, \t, \uxxxx, and other special characters.

@laurent , as @FelisDiligens answered: \n, \t, \uxxxx`, and other special characters

Am wondering is there a way to replace multiple terms in bulk? like that:

keyword replace text
list of incorrect resource IDs list of correct resource IDs

That would help few poor souls who has accidentally overwritten links to resources for new, incorrect ones -- rendering entire database stripped off from resources (despite having resource files in the resource folder).

Search terms to make this post easier to find

attachment, id, resource, replace, registry, sqlite, edit, replacement, attache, conflict, could not be downloaded, fetchBlob error (409)

Let me express my sincere gratitude here. Your tools rescued so many users from critical data loss. I can never thank you enough for it :pray:

P.S. sorry to approach this question here, I couldn't find the appropriate topic for joplin-utils

There is currently no support for batch replacing multiple values ​​on top of batch replace, which probably won't be supported by joplin-batch-web, but you can indeed do it programmatically via the joplin api.

ps: I don't know what the actual use case is, I have never seen it in other tools, such as the search and replace window of vscode is like this

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+1 for the 'Find and Replace' support. Today I tried to replace a word in one of my note, and just realized I cannot do that just like other editors.

This is purely emotional, but if it is built-in I trust it. If it is a plugin, then I have somewhat less confidence. If it is some website going through all my notes and changing stuff, I have the least confidence.

Now, this is mitigated when the plugin or the website is run / developed by someone I've seen in this forum for years, being helpful and intelligent and having earned my trust. I'll let @rxliuli do anything she wants to my database because I trust her because I've watched her posts for years and used her stuff before.

Again, this is an emotional response, but not entirely irrational.


I was really shocked and angry to know that such powerfull editor as Joplin doesn't support such extremely basic functionality as find and replace

There is a fine search and replace plugin that works great for doing search and replace within a single note.

The problem with plugins lies in reliability and security, such as issues such as new version adaptation and security review.