File attachments lose name on download

  1. I create a note and attach my file “consolidated_budget2019.ods”

  2. In the note inside Joplin the link to this file is displayed nicely with a small Joplin icon and the file name “consolidated_budget2019.ods”. All well.

  3. However, when I click the file link and “dowload” the file from Joplin it is called “3fd0116c17cc4173b6a799b1858b264a.ods” (!). I would have expected that the file would have the original name when coming out of Joplin?

Thanks for all help!

I believe @laurent was working on a fix for that. I remember a similar issue when adding a PDF file to Joplin and opening it by clicking on the link. The PDF file was showing up as <hash-here>.pdf.