Attachment links will not retain URL

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Desktop version info

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 44bc808c1e414ae98b80047d70ca5c24
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

Simple Backup: 1.3.3

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What issue do you have?

All of the links to documents I had in any note have been stripped of their target URL. The link is there, but it doesn’t take me anywhere. I found all of my files in the .config folder with paths like: /Users/[username]/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/[encrypted name].crypted. When I try to attach a new file, a link is created and the file is copied to the .config location as expected. However, when navigating to another note and back again, the link URL is deleted again and cannot open the file. What can I do?

More information might be helpful:

  • Are you using the rich text editor or the markdown editor?
  • Are you using HTML notes or markdown notes? (Notes are markdown by default, unless imported from somewhere else, or created with specific plugins).

If you are using the rich text editor with HTML notes, you might be affected by this issue:

Edited: Added request for editor/note type.

I think I imported a lot of my notes from OneNote, so that is probably it. I just created a new note natively (which i'm assuming is markdown) and it retained the attachment. Do you see this being resolved and the links restored or am I going to need recreate all my notes and reattach the files?

Depending on what links are changed to in the markdown viewer, it's likely that files will need to be reattached. (Joplin doesn't seem have good support for editing HTML notes in its rich text editor).

For me, a link in this form

<a href=":/93d25985c31c4aad91d5e710390de5f1" alt="syncReport-1689640089262.txt">syncReport-1689640089262.txt</a>

is converted to a link in this form:

<p><a data-from-md="" href="#">syncReport-1689640089262.txt</a></p>

which doesn't have the ID of the attachment resource.

Depending on whether the attachment filenames were changed, it might be possible to write a plugin that links recreates the links (plugin API documentation).

It's also possible that some of the original attachment URLs are stored in previous versions of notes.

The issue linked above is the cause of my problem. I went through all my notes and had to convert them to MD if I wanted to retain the link to documents. Thanks for making me aware!

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