Attachment copy naming issue

I noticed that the attachment names in / JoplinProfile / resources are a string of numbers.
I want to know why I replaced the attachment name that I dragged into Joplin.

I use Joplin as my file manager.
Because Joplin will copy the attachment separately, but I want to know why the copy name of the attachment is replaced


Not a dev, just a user…

The way I understand it is that Joplin gives every note and attachment (resource) a unique ID and that is why it renames the attachments, so it can find them and keep track of them.

If you think about it, if it did not, you could attach several files to different notes that all have the same name but different content, say, several notes with an attachment called Licence.key but all containing different info. Joplin would not know what one was what and you could not have two files with the same name in the Resources folder.

That is why when you link to another note you use its ID and not its title.

[My Note Title](:/2c5ff494fabcdef1896b3a515418829b)

The ID stays the same even if the title changes and so the link does not break.

And if you look at a note in the editor with a picture in it you will see something like,


where :/15bb831234567d1ea6a95321838e58b6 is a link to 15bb831234567d1ea6a95321838e58b6.png in your resources folder.

Basically Joplin does everything it can to ensure it keeps track of your notes and attachments. It is not a file manager.

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I need attachments for some process notes

When I study design and programming, I will make some notes and put the files that I need in the notes so that I can directly use the files mentioned in the paragraphs when I review the notes later.

So I wonder if it would be convenient to use Joplin as a file manager?
Because computer file management is classified by type, sometimes different types of files just need to be put together.
If through the way of notes, I can attach some notes so that I will not look at the files in the notes to think about what they really are.

I understand the original intention of this principle

You can manually hyperlink to a file directly from a Joplin note to use as a pointer, but the hyperlinked file will not be synced with your note. This also means that if you use Joplin on more than one machine the hyperlink is unlikely to work unless the target file is also on that other machine and has the same path.



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This is a workaround.

I just want to know why I did this and understand the original intention of this method.
If I put the file in joplin as an attachment, I will only open it in the future, instead of looking at the file name, because I do n’t need it. If I can open it directly in joplin, there is no need for joplin in the user folder to find the file.