Joplin-search-intergration released

Joplin Search Integration

Chrome Store(Old)


When using search, related Joplin notes are also displayed in the search

Currently supported search engines include

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu


What does token/port refer to and where can I find it?

You can usually see it in Tools > Options > Web Clipper


If you want to add new search engine support, you can raise an issue, or fork it
and then modify it to mention PR (very simple)

  1. in manifest.json add the url of matching search engine
  2. implement BaseSearchEngineAdapter interface

The original idea came from: Feature request: Web search



0.1.3 - 2021-03-17

  • Update the icon of the plugin
  • Update the document, add FAQs and related links

0.1.2 - 2021-03-15

  • Implement new search engine support: Bing/Baidu
  • Add titles to search listings

0.1.1 - 2021-03-09

  • Implement a better joplin note view page
  • Delete the proxy to the console, which will cause the problem of recursive calls [Maximum call stack size exceeded]
  • Use dark theme by default

0.1.0 - 2021-03-07

  • View notes directly in the browser search results
  • View quoted notes on the notes page
  • Download attachments on the note page