Because Evernote is hemorrhaging users

I know you're getting a big increase in people giving Joplin a try in hopes of finding a workable replacement for Evernote. I'm thinking it would help you determine your new feature priorities if people would tell you (in broad general terms) what they mainly used Evernote for.
In my case, I keep all webpages collected for my different research projects. So I need a web clipper to rival Evernotes clipper.

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there is a web clipper and I‘m sure your preferred search engine will find it for you. hope you‘ll enjoy!


Thanks, Wimvan. Trouble is, the Joplin web clipper is clunky and unreliable. That's why I said "to rival Evernotes clipper."

If you clip the page as html, it's usually as reliable as Evernote. Or if you have an example of page that doesn't quite work please provide the url


sorry to read that. for me it works quite good till today.

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This is a nice topic for a newby to Joplin.
To me, there is one annoying issue as compared to Evernote : the search engine is definitely subpar.
I would like to search with fragments of what I remember. As of now, if you do not spell out the entire word, the note does not appear among results. For exemple, looking for joplin does not retrieve the note joplincloud. Too bad !

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I don't understand your problem @pierpiotr . On my setup, a search for home give me every Note with home in it. Also "homeoffice", "homeserver" or "homework". On Android, Windows and Linux.

Maybe you have to fix your search index after importing from evernote?

This works at the moment only on mobile apps. I think laurent once planned to implement this for the desktop.

But you can search for home*to find words that begin with home.

Hm. That is funny. On Linux I get also some more Notes that are related to my search for "home" but you are right. There is no highlighting of the search and also some results, that are not relevant.

Funny. I didn't recognized this behavior before. It works really much better on android.

It should work the same on desktop too as of v2.13

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no it does not on Joplin 2.13.6

also not in 2.13.9 on Windows 10

I am a Joplin Newbie. I only joined this forum yesterday.

Searching can be an issue. I started using Evernote as replacement to the tasks feature in Outlook. In Evernote, If I search for something, I could exclude resolved and closed issues as those were in different notebook. Joplin searches all of my notebooks.

What I like is that has a good relevancy ability .

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Indeed now I see it does not although I was sure I had merged this in 2.13. However it's working as expected on dev branch so that should at least be in the next pre-release


You are right, it fragment searches work on Android which is great, but not in Windows Desktop. Other things that would be nice is highlighting the found word in the file and being able to jump to the next instance highlighted. This can be achieved by doing an in-note search Ctrl-F for what you just searched for and then you have a next button and highlighting automatically. I'd like the find and next to appear automatically if the word wasn't in the title.

But, fragment searches do not appear in the windows version.

CTRL+P search filters as you type words, tags, etc.


Been using Joplin for over 4 years. Either I hadn't used Ctrl P or had and forgot. It even has a preview of the notes. It isn't listed in the search section of the edit pulldown with the other 3 searches. Even a commands search. Wow.


On the MacOS, it seems that search in Joplin doesn't find notes where the search term is a tag. Am I doing something wrong?

@LapisDoc welcome to the forum.

Searches for tags are prefixed tag: so if you want to find notes that contain the word password and are also tagged linux you would enter password tag:linux. Conversely if you want to find notes that contain the word password and are NOT tagged linux you would enter password -tag:linux.

See this page:


Thank you!