Feature Request : Text Color and Highlighting support

Text Color and Highlighting Support

Hi ,

I would like to participate in your GSOC program.

At present, the app doesn’t support text color and highlighting. The feature can be added using markdown-it-attr. Also adding markdown-it-attrs can make the app more flexible to styling.


can you introduce yourself in #development as said in #gsoc

thx for the input we will discuss it

See also Feature request: Direct addressing of classes etc. by Markdown. When I wrote this, I didn’t know markdown-it-attr already supports it (I didn’t even know about the very existence of markdown-it).

I would be very happy with your participation.

We can also add options for tables,text-formatting(strikethrough etc.) in the toolbar which is already supported by Markdown.

I use bold. font color and highlight to denote importance of the words in my notes. Here is my general workflow:

  1. Reseach and compile info (text, images, tables etc)
  2. Reorganize the info (if there are overlapping sections, merging sections of info)
  3. Summarizing (this is where I start running into trouble)
  4. Build presentation and talking notes
  5. Talking notes Summary (this is where it all fall apart)

@ #3 in other apps I starte to Bold and then in final step I highlight... #5 is much the same but for memorizing a speach... I bold imporatant key words and then I red fornt, then finally highlight key words I keep forgetting.

Maybe it's just not meant for this kind of work flow... which is ok... can anyone suggest another app better suited to this kind of workflow?