Feature request: Sync notes with due date with Nextcloud calendar/tasks

I’m starting to use Joplin for some GTD stuff and I’m missing the possibility to export or even sync data with Thunderbird’s calendar and tasks.

I could imagine something like this would also work out, although not the full sync experience:
Right-clicking on a ToDo note => Send to … Thunderbird => Pre-filling text boxes of new Task/Appointment

Optimal solution might look somehow like this:
Create a notebook that has the ability to automatically sync all containing data (todos, appointments) to Thunderbird. Add two new fields “Due date” and “Task/Appointment”-checkbox.
In addition have the possibility to send data to Thunderbird manually with the right-click menu.

I’m not even sure what would be the best side to implement something like this. It could also be that a Thunderbird plugin for Joplin would make more sense in the end?

EDIT: Ah, I just remember about the Joplin Web API. I actually sync my data from the calendar and the task to/from Nextcloud, so actually this would be the best solution to directly sync it with Nextcloud calendar and nextcloud tasks then as this would be the more “wholesome” entrypoint and data can be synced everywhere from here.


Yes, fully appreciated!
-> Creating and syncing tasks and appointments with (online) storage and thunderbird.
The killer feature replacing evernote.
Also nice idea of using joplin for 'GTD stuff'! :slight_smile:

I would also be really happy about this feature. Is there anything going on in this direction?