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Calendar app that Joplin users recommend

I have come to love Joplin - it's quickly becoming my second brain, doing everything I need to keep track of todo's, ideas and such, but it's lacking one thing I still very much need: a full, flexible calendaring capability.

Ideally, what I want in a calendar app is:

  • Syncing of calendar data seamlessly between Windows and Android, like Joplin does with its notes data.
  • Showing today's calendar items in an in-my-face, obvious way while making it slap-easy to look at other days' items.
  • High flexibility in setting repeated calendar items (e.g. every three days).
  • Has high potential to integrate with Joplin one day, on both Windows and Android platforms.
  • Interoperability with common calendar data protocols, with it being easy to sign up for an event somewhere and it pops right into my calendar.
  • Free and open-source!

What would my fellow Joplin users recommend based on the above criteria?

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Like with emails, I think the main thing in calendars is the cloud service running on your data. That way Nextcloud is the main player in the space.

As the user app to access the data I usually use whatever is preinstalled on the machine. If I need to make sure that everything installed is clean (although, why would I use Windows then :man_shrugging:), then I'd run Thunderbird and its Lightning plugin for calendars.

On Android situation is kinda the same: I use whatever app is preinstalled but if I need an open source version, I'd go with F-droid's Simple Calendar.

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I am using a closed-source app atm (TickTick) but plan to try Tasks.org. I heard it's very good. But it needs a separate CalDAV server to sync with.

If you already host Joplin-Server yourself and, like me, don't want to use Nextcloud (I don't need all the features), then you could host Baïkal. This is a small, lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server. With it you can sync e.g. Thunderbird and on the mobile DAVx⁵ (and thus virtually every calendar app, I use Etar). In addition, a contact synchronization (CardDAV) is also possible.

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