Feature Request: reduce tedious manual labour when linking

Joplin should do the “heavy lifting” when a hyperlink is created.

For example:

  • Space characters in URLs should automatically be replaced by the ‘+’ character.
  • Local filesystem links should automatically prepend “file://” to the supplied pathname.
  • Local filesystem links should automatically fill the “display name” of the link (the contents of the “[]”) with the filename at the end of the supplied pathname.

There may be other nice things - including additional special-character escaping - that Joplin could automatically do for the user when creating hyperlinks.

For example: I want to link “/Volumes/My Drive/foo/bar/hello world.txt” in a note, and so I paste that string into the “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box.

Upon clicking OK, the result in the note should be: [hello world](file:///Volumes/My+Drive/foo/bar/hello+world.txt)