Shortcut for making internal md links

Is there a shortcut for making internal links in joplin? For example:

## heading here

and instead of actually having to type out [heading here](#heading-here), is there a shortcut to generate this link? Would be nice if I could copy the link to it by hovering over the heading.

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Maybe you will have a look at Autohotkey. Because Joplin seems to modify modifier keys, you have to type #­link to invoke the following script:

; Autohotkey Local Link Creator For Joplin
  Backup := ClipboardAll
  Clipboard =
  Send, ^c
  lk := Clipboard
 Clipboard := Backup
send, [%lk%]({#}
lk := StrReplace(lk, A_Space,"-")

Restriction: The whole line preceeding the typed #­link will be enclosed als local link, means:

this shall be a link#­link becomes to [this shall be a link](#this-shall-be-a-link)

To insert a local link in a partial string of the current line it requires Enter link text#­link. This will append the link to the previous line. appending may be supressed by commenting (or deleting) send, {Home}{Backspace}.

It’s up to you which is faster: typing the link directly or using this workaround.

Thank you. Oh I don’t use windows so no go. I was looking for something internal to Joplin