Creating links to files on local disk?

How do I create a link to files on a local disk? For example, say I'm creating a note for my table saw and I'd like to link to the manual I have saved on my local disk.

My preference is to link to individual files or folders when there are multiple files related to the same topic, rather than store these files in the note database and bloat the database.

Edit: Using Windows 10.


You don't say which OS you're using.
Windows 10 : I just press ALT + drag & drop the file from File Explorer into Joplin Editor. Same thing for a folder.


@jb261 welcome to the forum

Manually linking to files takes the format

[my file](file://c:\path\to\file\manual.pdf)

The first one is using a feature of Joplin to create a link from the text, the second two are the "Markdown way"...

Files linked this way of course do not sync. Also any spaces need to be replaced with + so if the file name is item manual.pdf you need:

[my file](file://c:\path\to\file\item+manual.pdf)

Just seen your edit - @blank's method will be FAR easier for you!!

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Sorry, Windows 10.

Thanks, @blank, that's easy!
And CTRL + single left click opens the file or folder. And I can see that the sqlite database size didn't change, so the resources are being linked as opposed to being stored in the database. Perfect!

Actually you can do the same "alt + drag" with Linux but of course the the resulting "path-style" is different

[my file](file:///path/to/file/item+manual.pdf)

Remember that these direct file links will only work on the machine you set it up on unless any other machine has EXACTLY the same folder structure and files on it.

Thanks @dpoulton for the details. Good to know regarding spaces in file names.

I'm currently using Evernote, but in the process of cleaning up my notes to make for an easy migration. Part of that is getting a lot of the files that have bloated my Evernote database, but that I don't really need in the database itself because I only would need to look at the file while at my main computer, out of the database and just keep links in my notes.

Just for your information attachments are not actually stored in the sqlite database but in the "resources" sub-folder within your ".config/joplin-desktop" folder, using a unique ID. (Never edit any files in this folder directly, always edit using Joplin)

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Thanks. Slightly different from Evernote in that regard. Evernote stores attachments in a subfolder, but files stored inline in the note are saved to the main database file - as you can imagine, this can easily bloat the Evernote database.

BTW, drag-n-drop with or without alt-key works fine on Joplin for osx too.