Feature Request: Hiding notebooks/notes for switching work/private

There have been strong demands for work/private separation. One solution is using multiple profiles, but since multiple joplin instances cannot be executed simultaneously, it is far from comfortable. Switching profiles dynamically and running multiple instances have been long wanted but not implemented for a long term because of their complexity.

Today, I would request a simple feature for work/private separation, which could be easily implemented. It hides notebooks and all of their subnotebooks and notes specified by user-defined filters as the following picture. In this case, I only need to add "1.Private" to the filter to hide my private notebook.



  • In your profile, you store both work and private notebooks and notes.
    • You sometimes show your notes in work notebooks to your colleagues, but you don't want them to know the existence of your private notebooks.
    • When you search some words beside your colleagues, you don't want private notes to be listed or displayed.
    • Others don't directly access your PC and joplin instance. So, no lock and encryption capability are needed.

I know this use case does not always cover everyone's demands. But, at least my needs are completely covered, and I think it works as well for some part of cases.

To fulfill the above use case, the details of the feature are as follows:

  • Add visibility filters to hide your notebooks in the sidebar and to hide your notes in the notelist panel.
    • Each filter is comprised of inclusion and exclusion lists of notebooks to be hidden.
  • All subnotes and notes under a hidden notebook should be hidden.
  • Multiple filters are supported and can be switched in the view menu.
  • Tags with no visible notes should be hidden.

To keep out of misconceptions, I add some details.
This feature does NOT hide the sidebar or the notelist panel.
It hides a set of notebooks along your circumstance.

For example, you can configure the following visibility filters.

  • Filter1 named "In Office"
    • Invisible notebook(s): 1.Private
  • Filter2 named "At Home"
    • Invisible notebook(s): 0.Work
  • Unfiltered (preset and default; all notebooks are visible.)

In your office, you would choose "In Office" filter, and the result is:

In office

At home, you would choose "At Home" filter or unfiltered. If you choose "At Home", the result is:

At home

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