Ability to switch a profile out of the application e.g. work <> private


I'd like to ask for a feature to switch profiles via the application menu.
Use case:
You want to store/sync business and private notes on different places this can be easily done via profiles. But in case I want to quickly switch from one to an other. I have to close the current one and open the next one, making sure that the correct profile is provided.
Requested feature:
in the Menu e.g. within files add an entry like "switch profile" this could open a sub-mene where the existing profiles are listed. Since Joplin can not know these the profiles these can be added in the config editor. Or like "Cherrytree" is doing it: there is a "open profile" dialog under "files". The once opened profiles are then listed under "files/previous used profiles". This menu also has an option to remove entries from the list of previous used profiles. That way you can keep only these you like to see there.

What do you think about and how can I make this a feature request which gets rated and hopefully implemented?


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If I'm not mistaken, this is the same as this feature request on GitHub
You can add a thumbs up on that issue to increase visibility.

For your reference, this was a suggested GSOC proposal from this year and we were unfortunately not able to match a student to this project. So you could say that the current status of this project is hopeful but looking for someone to take the lead on it.

Hello @CalebJohn

thanks a lot, that would exactly be what I and obviously others are looking for, unfortunately there seems to be not action on since 2 years. Also I can not add a thumbs up it is grayed out.

In case others can please vote for if, you can but would like to have this feature too please add a comment here.

Thanks a lot

I didn't know locking an issue would prevent voting, so I've unlocked it now.

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Hello @laurent
just as info: I could now vote for the feature request.

I find the tile " run multiple instances of Joplin" a little miss leading, the FR is not about running multiple instances of Joplin in parallel. It is to "Support switching profiles via the UI". What do you think? Maybe than someone on the hackoberfest jumps on? -> it currently has not this lable, may I also ask to add this?

Cheers and thanks a lot