Feature Request: Hidden notes/notebooks from sidebar and excluded from search result/tags list

Hi. I would like make a feature request that is similar to this one

Feature Request: Hiding notebooks/notes for switching work/private

My request is similar but slightly different. Here is my list of feature request:

  1. I just want a sense of hiding a group of notes or notebook from sidebar, and it does not have to be profile based.
    • When notebook is hidden, only name of notebook is shown and should be manually revealed or decrypted first
    • Automatically hidden again when restarted or after certain time without any interaction
  2. When I say the notes or notebook is hidden,
    • Hidden notes/notebooks are excluded from search result
    • Tags from hidden notes/notebooks are not available from tag list
  3. When unhidden, all functions work as usual with the revealed notes/notebooks

The intention behind this request is that I save my private ideas and contents in Joplin but sometimes I share my notes with colleagues by screen sharing. I want to avoid showing my private notes unexpectedly.

But are those features can be implemented? I wonder what others think about this one. Just in case there is no one available to implement the features, I am willing to contribute as well. Welcome any comments and thanks in advance.