Separate sync location per notebook

I’m wondering if Joplin could be enhanced to allow different syncing locations on a per-notebook basis?

That is, on DropBox, say /Apps/Joplin/ would be used for just that notebook.

The application I have here is to allow multiple people to share a notebook but still retain their own private notebooks as well.

– Scotte


Yep, this has been discussed before, but I'm not sure, if @laurent has ever commented on it.
I also don't know, if there's a github issue open for this, but there was one other topic here in this forum:

Looks like that Link is broken. I too have this request as it would allow me to separate work and personal notes.

Is there a master feature request somewhere that I can add my vote to?

This is the link (it seems the other one was pointing to an old install of the forum: Feature proposal)