Creating new notebook sub-folders in iOS

Hello, I have tried to ask this previously with no reply so I will re word it.

I find that I am unable to creat new Notebook (folders) while on an my iPad. I can create new notes without any issue, they just end up in whatever folder I have open. I can also move this and any other note to other folders using the drop down arrow, but I have not found a way to create a new folder.

A bit more background. If I highlight a sub-folder and press new notebook it gets created at the root level and can not be moved. What I need to know is how to create a sub-folder within a an existing sub-folder.

This is easy in the PC version, but I spend lots of time away from my PC and need to be able to create new Notebooks on the iPad.

Furthermore, if a new note is created with the + key, it is placed at the root level and then there is no way to move this notebook.

If anyone has a solution I would love to hear it, thank you in advance.

Cheers Anton.

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Ok, my bad. I see this is mentioned as not possible at the moment, in the Joplin web site under the heading of Creating subfolders.

I just hope it will be solved in the near future. As it is a pain having to sort newly created notes out after a week away from my PC. Even if I could do it from a Browser session on my iPad or via a Windows session on any remote PC, like a Company or Friends PC. As in just being able to log in without having to download a desktop app.

Iā€™m committed to Joplin so I will just have to wait.

Cheers Anton.

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