Notebook and sub notebook, how ?!


Your app look great but i dont know how to ceeat notebook and sub nootbook…

I dont find the + so i habe only one folder…

I’m using in android. Same in my phone and in my tablet.

Maybe someone can help me and explane to me ?


Simply press the menu button on the top left to open the sidebar. About halfway down there is a button titled “New Notebook” press this to create a new notebook.

Thanks for your reply but no, not in android.

it work in windows, and after i see in android, but impossible to creat from android.

This is not a big deal but another problem came… the sychonisation work if i change from windows, i see all good in android. But if i change in android, nothing change in windows… this is verry problematic…

a solution maybe ?

Because the app is exactly what i want !!!
Hope it will work

Thanks all.

I tested this out on my phone today, it certainly works. I created this notebook and synced it to my computer.

Some other people on these forums have reported similar issues maybe you can find what they did?

The prob is to create sub notebook. Impossible from android but possible by windows.

Finally, it took long time but the synchronization work. In both ways.


Thanks !