Feature Request: Button to suspend markdown rendering

Hi. My workflow consists of watching embedding videos while taking notes in parallel. I use the split-screen view (markdown on left, rendered output on right) to do this. The issue I'm facing is that whenever I type notes the markdown is re-rendered and the video play position is lost. So what I'm doing at the moment as a workaround is take notes in a separate app, then paste in Joplin afterwards.

Any way we could get a toggle button at the top that pauses markdown rendering temporarily? Or alternatively, is there a way to keep the video progress after refresh?

Thanks for all the hard work. Couldn't live without this app.

Click the link of the video in the preview, you will open it in the external video player, and then you can arbitrarily arrange the windows of joplin and video

In addition, as far as I am concerned, it is not recommended to store large videos in joplin. It is a note-taking tool. For large attachment resources, it may be more suitable to use a traditional network cloud disk (it is also easier to organize and classify, because once they are recorded or Save it with little modification)

Sure, I know I can play it externally, but with a single monitor that means alt-tabbing between windows.

I actually embed all my videos within Joplin :slight_smile: They are just stored in the resources folder, which I backup to my NAS automatically (no cloud backup here). No difference whether the video is within the resources folder or another local folder.