Feature request: Back button

Windows desktop:
I’m using Joplin a lot, and have an outlineish setup with many notebooks and a few subnotebooks. I find myself often switching between two or three notebooks or notes. It would be a time and brain saving feature to have back and forward buttons like a browser has to go to a previously edited note and then forward again the note I was working on before.


I’m also very interested in this.

This is one of the few features that I miss from Evernote, where you can follow a link to another note and then click back or (more importantly) press Alt + to return to the previous note.

One big improvement that can be made over the Evernote implementation is to go back to the same edit location in the note when navigating. Evernote just dumps you back at the top of the note after any navigation.


Just FYI Joplin has a back button

Ah – thanks! So, it is mainly just the keyboard shortcut that I’m missing.

I’m using Windows. I can’t find that button. Where is it?

Under the title next to the bold button. It appears when you follow an internal link.

Ahh. Thank you. Since I’ve never made internal links, so I’ve never seen it. I was requesting a feature of a back button regardless of what I do. So if I looked at 5 notes in 3 notebooks, or was looking at two notes, I could go back (and even forward) regardless of where I’d been.

I looked something up earlier today. In a while, I’ll need to return to it, but I’m on another note now. It would be easier to hit the back button twice, rather than search for it again.


can anybody tell me how to “follow an internal link”?
i use joplin but cannot find the “back” button.
thx in advance
@ windows 8.1 PRO

If you click in an internal link in the note to navigate to another note, a back button appears on the far left of the WYSIWYG toolbar.


This back button exists, yes, but only appears when you click a link embedded in a note or todo. If, on the other hand, I use the sidebar to browse various notes, the back button does NOT appear.

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@victorkane is right about that. And it looks like @laurent is on the ball with that.

For anyone that is interested in a good first issue to work on here, check this out.


Does this back button have a shortcut??


Seems like it does not. But it would be a great feature to be able to navigate browse history with the keyboard. Something like Alt+->.


This is also one of the existing functions of vscode. . .
ref: https://code.visualstudio.com/updates/v1_28#_navigate-to-last-edit-location

macos, Joplin 1.5.7 : a keyboard shortcut can be added (but isn't enabled by default), I do naturally use cmd-left and cmd-right, and it works fine.
but this feature does still not behave as one might expect. Let's say you select a note and edit it, then move to another note and edit that too. Now you use the back button (or cmd-left): it will not return to the last note edited, but to ... sth else.
It would really make a difference (to some use cases) if cmd-left and -right allowed you to switch forth and back painlessly between two separate notes located anywhere in the database ...