Mobile navigation experience with note links

It's really hard to navigate note links and carry on with other multiple note links within each other all because there is no back button to bring you to the previous note / parent note.

This is a well supported feature on desktop and I'm wondering why isn't it already supported on Android or why is it so hard to implement.

To give you an exemple of the situation: I have a notebook called "perso" where I have a "finances" note and a "todo" note separately. In this case, the back button brings you to the initial notebook and so it's perfectly fine if I need to go back and forth between the 2.
But we're limited to only that. If say, we have multiple notes with links leading us to different notes with a bunch of other links... It starts to be very hard without a back button to return to the previous note / parent note.

If you want to go back, you either have to get used to return to the initial notebook and make up all the way to where you were minus 1. Or create this very complex note links system where you insert the markdown link of the previous note EVERYWHERE and it's quite a challenge to maintain afterward.

Please... :slight_smile:

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I couldn't agree more and I'm surprised there are 'only' a few of us noticing the Android 'back'-button actually always opens the list of all notes from the last selected notebook instead of navigating back to the previously seen note(s).

If you just selected a note directly from the note list it makes perfect sense the Android back-button opens up the note list again, but most of the time I use internal links to go from one note to an other and not being able to go back to the previously opened note by means of a 'back'-button/swipe or other function, but instead always opening the list of all notes from the notebook you manually selected the last time doesn't make much sense to me...

As there is a dedicated button on the upper-left corner to open the note list already I have the feeling this might be a bug, unless this behavious is intended due to limitations on the Android platform.

The only post I could find about this topic was this closed one:

*edit: using Android v2.7.2

I never filed a bug report after my initial thread.

I registered on the forum just to point to this exact issue. Using Jopling for few years now. Just decided to do more complex sets of notes, with internal links. But incorrect back button action on android spoils the fun