Remember cursor-editing location when editing between notes

i'm not sure if this feature have already been mentioned, i could not find it.

tl;dr: snap to latest editing location, when switching between notes for editing.
maybe finetune this feature only when using the editing tool and in the editing pane, with a default snapping behavior to the top of the note for older notes and reading pane.

switching between notes when editing, i find myself scrolling through the note looking for the header and paragraph. while a feature that snaps back to the scroll location can be handy, there might be some users who do not want this.


Thumbs up! Switching between notes while editing is a pain. Especially when you keep a diary of some kind. If you switch to another note, then switch back, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom again to continue editing. Remembering the last position would be totally cool, especially if you combined this workflow with Back/Forward buttons. You could easily switch back and forth betwen the notes and just keep editing

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