Preserve view / cursor position when switch between view mode and edit mode

Usually when looking for the right position for editing a note, intuitively I first scroll to the position in view mode and then press edit.

Unfortunately the edit mode jumps rigt to the top of the note for editing. So I have to look for the right position again.

This is very cumbersome since I have some really long notes that I am maintaining over years.

It would be better if the editor jumps to the position when the user pressed edit in the view mode.

Likewise, wehn leaving the edit mode and turning back to edit mode, it would be good if the view mode does not jump back to the top, but starts at the line where the cursor was last in the edit mode, or with the line that was the top shown line in the editable view.

It could of course made be configurable whether the position is preserved across mode switches or whether the view always snaps to the top.


Yeah, I also expect it preserve the view, or at least take you to the last cursor position.
Maybe the best approach would be an option that lets you choose desired behavior.

Unfortunatelly, this is a dealbreaker for me, as I switch between code and preview often, or have to find where I was at if switching from another note in which there were some information I needed for current note. This is most noticable on long notes.

I love this app and check for updates regularly hoping this will be implemented, thanks devs, keep up the good work :+1:

I think the problem is the double mode edit/preview.
I suggest developers to move to an hybrid approach, the inline preview, such that used in Abricotine ( or in VNote (!
In this way you could also remove the dual-pane mode with all its problems, such as the right sync of edit and preview documents.

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Isn’t that what the experimental WYSIWYG editor is trying to acomplish?
That is similar to how Typora does it, which also alows you to switch from code to hybrid seamlessly, which I sometimes do, and it works as expected.

Still, users may want to continue where they left off last time. Even after finishing reading/editing a note.

Well, the WYSIWYG editor is a rich text editor, so no markdown here and editor and preview coincide.
The way I proposed let you still write in raw markdown but you don’t have to jump from to editor to preview every time.

The topic of this thread is to preserve the cursor position if we switch between modes and if we switch between notes. If there is no mode switch in the future, fine. But switching between notes can always happen and I do it frequently