Feature request: Add option to disable "New todo" button

Hi. I would be nice to have ability to turn this button off in settings. I’ve often make mistake and tap this button instead “New Note”.
If this is not possible, please consider color change for this button to distinguish from “New note” which is a lot more often used or even set “New Note” button to appear always on top do the job.


Yup, I hit it all the time by accident. I’d never use the todo-feature (unless combined with actual reminders to replace Apple Reminders) but rather the checkboxes in markdown itself


+1 for this. I use Things for to-do lists so I don't need to-dos in Joplin, and I keep accidentally tapping the "new to-do" button when trying to make a new note. Really, I just want to disable Joplin's to-do functionality entirely.

Usually when I am trying to make a new note I'm trying to braindump something as quickly as possible before the thought drifts away, so having to navigate note vs. to-do every time is very annoying. I want to get to a blank canvas with zero UI friction and as quickly as possible.