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Global TODO-List


what I really miss on Joplin (using Desktop) is a global TODO List which shows all TODOs of the different Notebooks together in one place.


something like that ?

Hi, thanks for the fast answer.

Not exactly what I was looking for. I have numerous notebooks (one for each project) and I want to see the open TODOs of all notebooks together to get an overview about the upcoming work. As it is now I always have to check each notebook seperately for open TODOs.

On the main page of the app you have all the todo

Not on the Desktop (Linux) here.

I see the limitation there also. As a work round I created a notebook named 1. To do and I create all to-dos on there. I keep notebooks listed alphabetically so it’s always on top. I suppose if you wanted to-dos in your separate notebooks you could create a to-do tag. You could then filter by tag to see all your to-dos. I know it’s an extra step when creating a to-do.

Perhaps that could be added as a feature, creating a to-do automatically adds a to-do tag

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Or just a single TODO-Button on the sidebar which shows all the TODOs.


Better still!