New notebook option: Delete all "done" To-Dos

Hey :raising_hand_man:

User story: As a user, I want to delete all the done ("checked") to-dos in a notebook (the "to-do list") with just one click, so that I don't have to delete them one by one.

I have a notebook that only contains to-do notes. And most if not all of those to-dos are non-repeatable. So after a while I have a bunch of done to-dos in my notebook that are not really relevant anymore, and I want them gone for good. It would be nice to have a additional option when I right-click on a notebook called "delete all done to-dos" or similar (can't think of a better description). Also, this option should only be visible, if the clicked notebook contains at least one checked to-do.

What do you guys think? Worth to add this or is it too niche? At first, I was planing on creating a plugin for this, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed better to have this as a default feature.

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Hey, welcome around :wave:

Personally, I think if you're passionate about the feature, you'd better make a plugin to take off the support burden from Joplin team.

Overall, it's a fine productivity feature. Use case is understandable and useful even though Joplin is notetaker first and todo app second. Hence, advancing, testing and supporting todo feature set is low priority imo for the core.

If this plugin adopts a lot of users, it might be promoted to default ones which would come packaged with the app.

No need to do it "one by one": When checked, all of the to-do notes are automatically placed at the end of the list and can be bulk-deleted.

Evernote seems to have taken the opposite direction lately, evolving from note-taking app to task manager (I'm in no way tempted to migrate back, however;-). Maybe the projected plugin can contribute to win those folks over who want notetaker and task manager in one app. Evernote always tried to be both, whereas task support in OneNote is deplorable (relying on Outlook tasks, which even Microsoft apps don't fully support on mobile).

So thumbs up for making Joplin a better task manager!