Feature or Plugin Request: Cornell Notes Template

Hello all,

I just came across the Cornell Notetaking Method. While I, of course, have never used this method personally, I think it is a great concept I would like to try, and I think it would make a good plugin or feature.

I would imagine the best way it would work is to make it akin to generating a two-column table or by using flex or grid. The user would write a tag indicating the block is (1) a note or (2) a key point/question. Creating the tag would:

  1. Create a parent/child object pair
    • Assign a unique and immutable identifier to connect the parent and child
    • Assign the user-created object as parent if it is a key point/question
    • Assign user-created object as child if it is a note
    • Create the opposite object
  2. Assign the parent object to float left (or to grid/table column 1) and the child object to float right (or to grid/table column 2)

The parent/child pair would then remain aligned top with each other as other parent/child pairs are created or removed.

Additional tags needed would be

  1. Optional title (not necessarily needed because of Joplin built-in note titles)
  2. Optional summary (for bottom of Joplin note)

Bonus ideas: use body of key points/question blocks for TOC, outline, or auto-assigned to Joplin tags.

This sounds simple enough, to me, except I just don't have the skills (and sadly the time) to make it myself.

I would love any thoughts on the usefulness and viability of this idea along with other thoughts and critiques.


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