Note navigation by headers

I really like Joplin, really, I can’t complain.
I simply did a few minor changes to my installation to remove items that I don’t use (like tags) and have a cleaner interface.

I use Joplin as a know-how database of sorts.
I prefer having a long note, covering a theme rather than individual notes… I guess tags are for that, but I never got to like that system.

In my mind, it makes me be cleaner processing and arranging information if I follow a tree system.
So I catalog on notebooks and sub-notebooks, and then large notes with headers.

What I am missing is navigation within the note itself, since they can become pretty long, I might be scrolling for something that is not even there yet.

It would be great having a tree visualization of the headers present in a note.
Maybe the note list panel could switch (like the layout switch) to show the note list or the header list of the selected note, and clicking the header would get me to that position in the note. That would be awesome.

I know there is internal linking on the note, so I could make an index at the start.
But if this would be done automatically rather than having to worry about updating it after every change, it would be great XD

I think you want the TOC (table of contents) plugin, it can be enabled in settings.

Also take a look at this thread where people are using css rules to have an always visible TOC


Wow, the power of knowing how something is called, many thanks!
I now found a few more threads also discussing this.