Feature: Keep screen on while syncing in Android?

When new notes are downloaded to my Android phone, they often take a while to decrypt. And it seems to be the case that when I just leave Joplin running and put the phone down, the standard timeout locks my phone, which seems to stop the sync/decryption process.

I’ve had to babysit the sync process a lot of times in order to get my notes into my phone; and a few times I’d missed some notes when I needed them on the desktop, because the sync process stopped before Android uploaded them to my sync target.

I know this is just a suggestion for a superficial fix, but I seem to recall someone saying Joplin can’t sync in background (which would be the preferred option of course), so maybe this could help at least a little.

Or am I doing something wrong?

I’m not coder and don’t understand it in deep but it seems that a lot of Android applications assure running the app on the background by simple notification icon.
Until the notification icon is available in the status bar, the systems lets the app running.

Could it be a simple solution for background running of Joplin on Android?

Some solution would be nice. I am now doing a first time sync to get all my notes to the Android app (there is no direct import option in Android). But that is unbelievably slow. Importing from local folder takes 5 secs per item; from Nextcloud it is even slower. With 4000+ notes and 10000+ resource files that is just not a realistic approach. I don’t think it was this slow though a few months ago, when I originally converted from Evernote to Joplin.

as I was warned by this forum before first sync on Android, I just left phone on the charger the whole night.
It taken about 5 hours via WebDAV to download about 3800 notes (over 24000 md files on webdav server and over 14500 files in .resource subfolder)

With the exchanges I had with laurent about the alarm that did not raise notifications,
this was due to the battery saver I pressed sometimes and which kill all the background process
I think you meet the same behavior here, where once the screen is off ; the background process were killed
May be you should have a look at that.
On my side, since I do care about the behavior of the battery saver, the notifications work fine