Android syncronisation


Am trying Joplin at the moment, on my mix of Ubuntu/Windows & Android devices.

I’ve imported my 3000+ notes from Evernote and this has been reasonably successful (there’s a few layout/attachments issues) but I’m struggling with the Android application in that it’s been nearly a week now and it still hasn’t fully synced! I have switched off the Android background task cleaner to let the app run for as long as it likes.

Also, given that Dropbox nor Nextcloud support offline folders, can Joplin operate offline on Android?

I’de imported 2500 notes in a week with android. and it’s longer with encryption process.
We have to take the time for the first sync.

So, my Android Joplin has now syncronised, and my notes are available offline so all is well :slight_smile:

One of my PC's is also taking an age to do the first sync, but it does seem be doing it - although I think it runs faster when is in the foreground rather than in the background?

I could notice that on windows (7) it’s go faster than of Linux (debian 9), but very very very faster than Linux…
But I’ve never seen joplin running in background. how did you do ?

sorry to post on an “old” thread; but I wanted to point out for anyone else finding this one later on, you are MUCH better off setting everything up without encryption, then encrypting AFTER the initial sync.

also, FYI if the cloud location you are using is not encrypted, it really doesn’t matter anyway.