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Hi all,

I've been attempting to migrate away from Evernote for the last few weeks and this is just about my last remaining issue.
I'm unable to get a full sync of my notes onto my Android Pixel 6 phone.
I'm a paid subscriber of Joplin Cloud and the desktop client sync status shows that I have about 15,000 notes migrated and synced from my desktop instance to Joplin Cloud.
Sync status on my phone shows 6,034 notes have been synced and I can see some notebooks are missing entirely.

I periodically open the app on my phone and click the sync button but it never seems to sync all the notes.

I have modified the following settings to try and get this working:

  • Joplin settings:
    • sync interval = 5 mins
    • sync only over wifi = disabled
  • Android app settings for Joplin:
    • mobile data
      • Background data = enabled
      • unrestricted data usage = enabled
    • battery settings
      • Allow background usage = enabled

Is there any way of forcing sync to complete?
It looks to me like sync is being stopped by the phone rather than Joplin.

Edit - typo.

Is the phone going to sleep at all? There isn't a background sync (yet... as far as I know) so if it is sleeping during the initial sync then it will stop
There are apps like Coffee you can use to force the phone to stay awake.

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Thanks - I'll try Caffeine and just leave it running for a few hours.

Thanks - that seems to have resolved it.

After about an hour to sync, my latest notes are available on my phone.

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