Favorite Notes/Tasks

I really miss the favorite notes/tasks section in joplin. I suggest adding a favorites item to the side menu (where notebooks and tags are), and also adding a button to quickly add a note/task to favorites, for example, next to the title.

For desktop, you can install either the Note Tabs plugin (which has a pin button for the current note) or the Favorites plugin (which can add notebooks and searches too). Then, move either plugin panel above or below the sidebar. Set keyboard shortcuts for quicker operation.

Edit: These workarounds will work for both desktop and mobile:

There is no plugin support on Android, so this is a bad solution.

I looked at the plugins. About the first one, I didn’t even understand where the favorites were. But in the second plugin, your favorite notes go directly to the sidebar, which is very inconvenient. I would like to have a regular section in the sidebar and see notes on the main screen like in any notepad. These plugins do not suit my request.

Those are not solutions but rather desktop workarounds. This thread outlines mobile plugin support if you're interested. Note Tabs partially works on mobile.

Labeled screenshots on that page show multiple places where the panel can be moved to. It can also be moved above or below the sidebar. Note tabs can be pinned like favorites can be added.

How is that inconvenient for you when you suggest "adding a favorites item to the side menu (where notebooks and tags are)"?

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I suggest adding a favorites item like as regular notepad! I don't need a huge list of them in the sidebar (if there are a lot of them). I don’t like the sidebar at all, I think it’s outdated, I use gestures and the sidebar is inconvenient for me. But this is a completely different question and we will not discuss it in this topic. But you suggest pushing your favorite notes directly into the sidebar, which is very inconvenient for me and I have never seen such an option for executing favorites anywhere. I repeat once again that I’m happy with a regular notepad with the name “favorites” and a button for quickly adding notes to favorites.