Fastest integrated sync method / server to use?

I’m really liking Joplin except for the slow sync performance esp. vs. turtl and simplenote. I’m currently using Box’s WebDAV.

What is the fastest integrated option for sync? I’m a *nix sysadmin, and so wouldn’t mind setting up my own WebDAV server if a specific WebDAV server / config is known to be faster than available free services.

BTW, to quote their website, “Turtl API uses RethinkDB’s changefeeds to detect new data by watching the API’s sync table. This means that changes coming in are very fast (usually within a second of being logged in the API). RethinkDB’s changefeeds are terrific, and eliminate the need to poll your database endlessly.”

Simplenote uses a paid sync service, simperium, and so probably isn’t interesting to look at.

I don’t use WebDAV, but I could notice that syncing on windows goes faster than Linux. And even faster without E2E.
So I don’t know if looking for a better WebDAV server should be enough.

At what point is the sync being slow? Do you mean when doing the initial sync? Otherwise one issue with the WebDAV sync (and the WebDAV standard in general) is that there’s no way to request a “delta” of the last files that have been changed or deleted. So instead a list of the items needs to be requested and parsing this list is quite slow (it’s ok on desktop but it can freeze the mobile app for a second or two).

Otherwise I also don’t think that a specific WebDAV implementation would be much faster than another. In general having a fast server and fast connection would help make the sync faster.

i use resilio sync (known as btsync long time ago) on headless debian, android, mac and win. with 2-3 clients online, it's really fast. joplin's a limitation here, with its "every 5 min" setup for folder syncing :wink: