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Sync with NextCloud fast with mobile, extremely slow on Linux

I’m new to Joplin. I’ve installed the mobile version yesterday on my Android 10 device, deleted the default entries, created own entries and set up sync to my NextCloud. Anything is fine, initial sync took only a few seconds, than any sync needs less than 2 seconds. Perfect.

Later, I’ve installed the Linux client in the version 1.0.170 on three different Linux machines with Kubuntu 18.10 / 19.04…

…initial sync to my NextCloud needed more than 10 Minutes to write the default (“Welcome”) entries to NextCloud and than additional minutes to sync my via mobile manually created folders from NextCloud. After that (and after again deleting the default welcome entries) any sync takes nearly 4 minutes!

On each of my Linux machines each single sync needs nearly 4 minutes - with just having three empty folders (Notebooks) and no entries right now. Same sync to the same NextCloud URL takes less than 2 seconds.

What can I do?

I tried debugging, enable that and opened the “Console” tab as recommended. Again it sync’ed nearly 4 minutes, but no problems were logged in debug…

Tried something…:

  • Syncing with mobile version 1.0.308 on Android device: < 7 seconds
  • Syncing with portable Windows version 1.0.170 on Wine on Kubuntu 19.04: < 7 seconds
  • Syncing with Linux version 1.0.170 on any Linux machine with Kubuntu 18.10/19.04: > 4 minutes

Using Windows version on Linux for the moment :frowning:

I have the same problem with very long sync.

Joplin for Desktop (1.0174)
on openSUSE tumbleweed with gnome 3.34 Desktop.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have Linux with a DE to debug this.

I’d like to get a profile of the app during sync to see which functions take that long. Someone with a Linux box must be able to investigate this and know how to profile an app. It would be a great help to narrow down the issue.

@tux I’m running Joplin and syncing with Nextcloud on my Linux Mint laptop, my Mac mini, my iPad, and my iPhone and I have noticed that the sync seems to take forever on each of my devices, although it seems to be the fastest on my Mac. The sync can be counted in minutes whereas with other apps syncs are measured in seconds. To me that is too long and I have long been wondering if the problem was my internet speed, Joplin itself, Nextcloud, or maybe me having too big of a database (but I don’t think my database is that big).
How do I get a “profile of the app during sync”? I have the csv of the sync report, is that what you want?

No, I was talking about using oprofile on Linux. Or maybe perf, which is newer and has some nice new features. I mentioned the following: Someone with a Linux box must be able to investigate this and know how to profile an app. So I hope that someone with profiling experience can get this at one point…
Next to the profile a network trace with request/response times would also be helpful.
If you are not a system or performance engineer, this topic is not something I can explain in a few posts.

At least that is the only way I can think of to investigate this. But maybe somebody else has a better idea.