What is the advantage of Joplin Server?

Hi folks,

I have thought that the biggest drawback of Joplin is "sync speed".
So I decided to try Joplin Server (2.10.5) while I was migrating old NAS to new one (synology DS1621+).

however, to my disappointment, the result is not so impressive...
I couldn't see any significant improvement of sync speed.
It is rather slower than webDAV sync...

Now I am little bit confused..
If the joplin server does not provide better sync speed than WebDAV, what is the biggest reason for using Joplin Server ?? (public note sharing?)

Public note sharing, and private note/notebook sharing are indeed features of Jiplin server. I'm surprised that the sync speed was slower for you and I can't help but wonder if there is a problem with your Joplin server install. For context, I was a Dropbox user that migrated to Joplin Cloud (a hosted Joplin server) and sync is probably around 10x faster.

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It might depend on configuration but Joplin Server is logically always faster since it can upload items in batch while WebDAV cannot. Maybe there's something that restricts the performances of the server, like reverse proxy, low memory or similar.


I think I found the reason.
It is not the problem of server side, but the problem of joplin client.

I have tested Joplin 2.8.8 and 2.9.17 under same environment (I have tested under Linux and Windows 10 too)
Sync speed of Joplin 2.8.8 is much faster than 2.9.17, and overall performance speed of 2.8.8 is faster than 2.9.17.

Do you have any guess about this ?