Android App Sync very slow

I have a problem with the Joplin App on my Android device. It takes very long (3 minutes, even if no changes were made) to sync via WebDav.
I deinstalled and installed again the app, but the problem didn't change. After I installed the app and set up the sync with webdav, I wondered why the app loaded 1800 items. I just have 199 notes.

I use a Fairphone 2
Fairphone OS 19.11.2
Android 7.1.2
Joplin 1.5.1
I also creat a log, as described here: ,but the file ist too large to attache, so here is the link:

Does s.o. have an idea, how to fix this problem?
Thanks a lot for your effort!


a item is not only a Note!
A item could be a note, tag, version, resource, ...

The WebDAV sync is not the fastest especially with many notes/resources.
If I remember correctly, a full sync has to be done every time, since there is no diff.

I sync a totale of 34883 items over WebDav, a sync takes approx. 12 second. But the WebDAV Server is located in my LAN.

What does the SyncReport log file say?

Hallo JackGruber, thank you for your answer!
Here is the SyncReport log file syncReport-1609513365124.txt (156.2 KB)

If you have access to you WebDAV server's logs you could check if there are any errors there.
Also, if it logs individual requests and responses you might try checking if it's the server that is slow to respond.

There is nothing unusual in the log file (At least what I can tell).

01-01T15:40:09,30,"""Total notes: 200""
01-01T15:38:33,30,"""Starting scheduled sync""

01-01T15:31:46,30,"""Total notes: 199""
01-01T15:30:07,30,"""Starting scheduled sync""

The last syncs have always taken about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Maybe look at the logs from the WebDav server, as roman_r_m suggested.

thanks you JackGruber and roman_r_m for your assessment! So I will try to figure out if the server is responsible for the slow sync.

My Joplin desktop app on an ubuntu pc was also very slow with the sync process. Now I found an workaround in this forum: I changed the sync Location in the Joplin Desktop app from WebDav to local folder. Now I sync the local folder with an other software (Seafile) which is amazing quick. Therefore I have the idea that the slow sync process is about the software I use.....

I tested now to sync via webdav to a nextcloud Server and this sync-prozess is far quicker (just 4 sec.). So the reason for the slow sync-process is my cloud. Thanks for your help!

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