Exporting to HTML md links are not resolved


Joplin 2.9.4 (ubuntu 22.04, appimage)

Steps to reproduce

  • create two notes and put on one the md-link to the other
  • export to HMTL inkluding folders


two html pages, one having a link to the other (the resolved md-link)


one page has a link but it is still a joplin://... link

Can this please be fixed ?

Export programmatically using the data api?

In case this is the solution can you please add an example or a link for some info how to use?
Cheers, Michael

ref: Joplin Data API | Joplin

In addition, I am not sure what your purpose of exporting html is. If it is to be published online as a static file, it may be better to export markdown and then be processed by a third-party framework?

My main purpose is to archive notebooks. I found that html with folders provides the best readable version for screenshots, mermaid and KaTex. There was something else not perferct with the md expert, but I need to check. Generally spoken I would perfere md over html if this would work..

If it's just a backup, I recommend using jex export, it's actually a tarball, you can view it with a decompression tool, plus it's a full backup compared to other solutions, there's a joplin plugin to run it automatically.
It might not be that readable, but for backup purposes it's the best.

ref: Backup Plugin

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