Export to Textbundle

I would like to renew the 2021 request (Support TextBundle files?) that Joplin add export to Textbundle. It is very frustrating to export notes to MD and have the _resources folder show up each time.

Alternatively, export to a MD file with MIME-encoded attachments embedded in the MD file.


+1 I was just about to post the same - thanks @lee !

I went down the rabbit hole to find the perfect notes app (as successor for NoteStation).
Soon I realized the importance of smooth import - and even more importantly, export options.
An essential requirement for choosing a notes app is the possibility to export all notes completely - including the metadata.

Joplin is doing a good job offering different import/export formats like md + frontmatter.
But textbundle . org seems to be a widely used exchange format accepted by many apps, yet not supported by Joplin.

Just look at TextBundles Apps-list:
Agenda, Bear, Craft, eBookBinder, FSNotes, Go Edit, Gazer, Highlights, iThoughts, Keemark, Marked 2, MarkMyWords, MindNote, Myary, Note-C, One Jotter, Paper, Smartdown II, Taio, Textbundle Editor, Ulysses, WordPress, XMind: ZEN, Zettlr.

It would be great to have Joplin on that list too!
How hard would it be to get .textbundle files in and out of Joplin?

Thanks for all your efforts, I very much appreciate it!

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Yes this would be great. I don't see the point of running a marathon and quitting at the last 100 meters. And to go along with this can the original image file name be saved as an ALT attribute?

I'm all in favour of new export formats, but these might be better as plugins so the millions of users that do not use the particular output platform are not saddled with totally useless "features" taking up space. Joplin was designed with plugins in mind, let's use them and keep from turning into another Everbloat.


Yes it wouldn't make sense to support this since it's not widespread enough. It's also Apple-only (weirdly enough) and has been discontinued for about five years.

If you want to share a note in an open format, export it as HTML. We do the same as Textbundle (all resources are in the file) except that it works everywhere including mobile as long as a browser is available.

I wasn't aware that the HTML export encapsulated the images in the file. That would definitely be a more open format. I'll check it out.

I don't think textbundle has been discontinued.
Anyway, I am looking for a workflow that will go from Joplin to Wordpress in the easiest way. Right now I use Bear, export to textbundle and import to Ulysses and send that to Wordpress. Yes it works but it's a bit convoluted. Joplin is better than Bear for creating the kind of content I am producing.
If you don't want to export a textbundle, is there anyway to at least take an image file name and save it as Alt? While I understand the reasoning behind a non-human readable image filename, a non-human image file name is useless for a web page. But if I have a human readable Alt then WordPress can manipulate this for my needs. Cheers Mac

I'm not familiar with Wordpress (at least this particular workflow), but have you checked what other files Wordpress can import? If it can import HTML, you can probably make it work by exporting a single HTML file. If you export as Markdown, it will link to the images by filenames too so maybe it's an option

Thanks for getting back to me.
The workflow has to be appropriate not just achievable and for that I need at least a human readable reference to the images. Base 64 images work and I actually have experience with them but unless there is some kind of textual reference it's not a good solution. Is it that difficult to move an image's initial filename to Alt while at the same time giving it a Joplin ID.

PS: it is well worth acquainting yourself with WP since it is open source and makes up a huge part of the Web. Ulysses imports the Bear textbundle perfectly into WP, but Joplin has better support for things like Mermaid than Bear.

There are probably ways to get that working for example by exporting to Markdown+FrontMatter and then converting to Textbundle using Pandoc, or maybe using some Wordpress plugin. Joplin plugins are also well suited for custom workflows such as this one since you could get the data out in exactly the way you want to, although that requires some development work.

+1000 I would love to have this feature for export and importing reasons. Its a well established and solid format / idea. Maybe you guys could consider implementing it?