Export to wordpress, directly including Notebook and Notes structure

Hi all,

I work with 3 main blogs that I publish regularly. The research, the writing and all the images, graphs or so I prepare in Joplin. From Joplin I would like to be able to export either the post directly in to the WordPress posts with the tags I use, the links and so on. Basically, the structure is given from WordPress and my themes over there.

Also, I know already now, that I will have to export/import over 32k different notes, around 100-150 Notebooks and their structure. (Though job to fill a page for a church with the whole bible, the respective verses, commentary, images, tables, and so on....) Then each sermon that our priest gives has to be linked to the main verses that he speaks about, so that I`m able to search like for genesis 1,3 to genesis 2,3 and have all those verses as internal links to the respecting text.

So, will this be possible in the upcoming future or is there anything in planning or should I go the vpress and Git way for that side? What about the blog(s) posts?


Hi Urs,

As of now, there's no plugin implementing the WordPress integration; a one of the blogging integration we've got so far is thanks to ylc395 and his plugin based on GitHub Pages

In theory such published blogs could be imported to WordPress but I haven't tried it myself.

That said, there's no technical roadblock to develop such WordPress integration using Data API, so if you find someone to do it, or do it yourself, it should be relatively straightforward.

From the standpoint of extending Joplin export capability to other formats, it's not very likely to happen as it is usually a burden to support in the future.

In addition to the above there is also @rxliuli's joplin-blog. Again not specific for wordpress itself but states that it can work with hexo, vuepress and jekyll.


(yet to be properly translated but google translate does a good enough job for the time being)


My answer is similar to the previous one. If you just export the notes to the file system while keeping the resource and reference links correct, and you know a little js, you should be able to integrate joplin-blog within 100 lines of code. In fact, this is the case with the last integration of jeykell, which has only 51 lines of code.

Hi all
thanks for your help. As Im not a coder Im not sure if I can do it. Maby someone could help me to get through that hurdle? I`m fairly sure, that I will struggle, and I may not have the nerve to try and error on that part. If there are some errors, I will quite quickly.
If someone may help me that would be a huge relief for me.