Export, Team Collaboration & Password protection?

Joplin is cool. It’s great to find an alternative to OneNote and Evernote and the many other cloud solutions.
But I miss a few things like that. Is there a remedy or planning?

  1. An export of a whole notebook. Alternatively export via the Api with an automatism to save all notes.
  2. Collaboration in the team e.g. for the preparation or production of operating manuals.
  3. Password protection or other type of authorization for individual notebooks.
  4. When printing or exporting to PDF, links in the PDF can no longer be opened.

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

From what little I know:

1., right-click on a notebook and ‘Export’ should do it. Does it not work?
3. AFAIK it’s not planned at the moment, this topic has been discussed on the forum many times already.
4. Do you mean URLs, or note links, or what exactly?