Exporting multiple notes

I am testing out Joplin’s “export” feature, and can only export a single note at a time. Is that by design (ie Joplin only will export one at a time), or could I be doing something wrong?

I would like to be able to keep a tagged journal, with each entry tagged by project, and to then be able to pull up all entries with a particular tag and export in one PDF file (or txt or markdown, but PDF appears to be what is supported). This would let me easily report activities in individual projects. Is this possible?


I have found another solution, but cannot delete the original post sorry. Don’t waste time investigating this for my sake - mods feel free to delete this, or leave it if the answer would be useful to others. Thanks.

@sjdennis, what was the solution eventually?

I found that jrnl would do exactly what I was looking for with tagging and reporting. It’s just a journaling app though so doesn’t have the functionality of Joplin, but does what I was looking for with this specific question.

That’s no really a solution for Joplin users.

I would like an option to export all or selected notes as well, if only for an unencrypted backup from time to time.

I am also interested in this feature-
to be able to export a notebook to a single PDF document would be very useful for archiving.

It would indeed be good if it was built-in. In the meantime you can use the CLI app do this yourself, for example by exporting the notes to Markdown, then converting that to PDF using something like markdown-pdf. Of course, you’d need to write a small script to do all this.

Ability to view all notes in a clean view will be great to have as a feature in Joplin.
Meanwhile, I have written a small php script to create a web view of all your notes.
Check this out: https://github.com/JithinPavithran/web-file-explorer/tree/master
Hope this helps someone.

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I have a python script that spits the contents of joplin into a directory structure.
You can find it here, https://gitlab.com/dfaultkey/joplin-export.

This is a modified version of a tool provided by @stavros, which produces static pages from joplin notes. Here's his repo link, https://gitlab.com/stavros/notes/

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This is what I need to be able to do as well: export a group of notes as a document, but I'm not familiar with python and repo. Is there any way you can give instructions about how to use those? Thanks!!

Probably not exactly what you want and needs some tinkering, but maybe it helps. I wrote a script to export one or multiple notebooks to pdf:

It would be nice to have this functionality directly in Joplin. But since there seems to be no progress in this particular feature in the last years, it might be worth to extend the script and/or make it more user friendly.

Brief steps:

  1. Enable the webclipper
  2. Copy the API token and store it in the environment variable API_TOKEN
  3. Install some needed python modules: pip install joppy markdown weasyprint
  4. Run the script like python pdf_export.py notebook1 notebook2 to export the notebooks with name notebook1 and notebook2

If everything worked, the notebooks should be available in HTML and PDF format next to the script.


Thank you very much for this, but I’m afraid I’m just an architect so I don’t understand.
Would it be possible to explain how to do this as if you were telling it to a five year old architect?
Thank you!

Hi, no problem. We can take a try :slight_smile:

However, I can only refer to Linux, because I don't use windows or MAC.

  1. Prerequisite is to have a console with a working python installation (3.6 or above)
  2. Copy the script to your filesystem (the usual way would be to use git, but you can simple copy the content, too)
  3. In the console, navigate to the folder, like cd /path/to/script
  4. Continue like above

It might be much effort just to export some notebooks. So you could wait for someone to implement that feature in Joplin. Anyway, if you have further setup questions, you can send me a PM. I guess we don't need to discuss it in the forum.

Thank you very much.
I’ll try this (although I use Mac and Windows) and see what happens.

Does anyone else have a way to export notes (preferably all at once) to pdf or txt or doc?

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