Feature Request


I was looking for a OneNote replacement (I want my own cloud or webdav) and found Joplin.
Like it very much, but I`, missing some features:

  1. Is it possible to bring notebooks in an alphabetical order?
  2. Please fix the 10MB file attachment bug.
  3. I think it is only possible to attach complete files to a note. Isn`t it possible to just link them to whatever destination?
  4. Any plans for enabling Imports to notes? From HTML, doc(x), pdf…
  5. Possibility to export the whole notebook on the fly with the Option to export it into one file or one file for each note. Needed export Formats are HTML, doc(x) and Pdf
  6. Possibility to export individual notes to HTML, doc(x) and Pdf.

Are there any plans for implementing this? Having this features Joplin has ervything to switch from OneNote and be on the safe side to export the content to reimport to other apps in the future if needed.



Why would you want to do that? Could you please provide a use case for the feature.

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I have many very large Pdf files (> 150MB) for example, I don`t need them attached, getting synced on the mobile then.

That’s why I want to link them, they will be opened from a local drive then.

That’s also possible in OneNote…

They are shown in an alphabetical order by default.

This is an upstream issue, as far as I can tell.

Yes, you can: [link to local filesystem](file:///path/to/file.pdf)
Please note that these links won't work on clients where the file is not available at that location. e.g. the file is available in this directory on your desktop, but on Android the file doee not exist or is in a different path.

These have to be answered by @laurent.

However, docx is not an open format, thus I highly doubt it. Export to HTML should be possible, PDF is already available.

Thanks for the answer. Import Export must be a common readable file, HTML or doc(x). PDF is nice but it can not be changed and many other programs can not import it.

BTW: Seems not to be working, even if the file is on local desktop. And it is very time consuming to add the path and file name maually. Some kind of filepicker would be nice.

It works for me. Don’t forget to URL encode spaces and special characters.

A filepicker is not a bad idea. Maybe someone will add it at one point. I definitely would like to see that feature.

To tranfer a path is too time consuming for each of many many files…

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying.

Ah, you mean it’s too time consuming to encode a path manually.

Yes, this is true. However, right now there’s no other choice, if you want to use links to local files.

OK, then I will follow the joplin development… But for now will stay with Onenote

They are shown in an alphabetical order by default.

Notes yes, but not Notebooks - at least not in the Mac desktop version:

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Which version are you using? Sorting of notebooks was added a few versions ago.

I’m on macOS and the UI shows the notebooks in alphabetical order.

P.S.: In fact it’s not even possible to show notebooks not sorted.

Did you even look at the screenshot I attached?

@BigWaveDave from the screenshot you so kindly attached it appears that you’re using an out of date version of Joplin. Please update it and let us know if you’re still having a problem.

Yes, I did.