Joplin Cloud Question (Access Control)

Hello, on Sharing a notebook with Joplin Cloud | Joplin there is text that reads "Currently they have full access to the data, including reading, writing and deleting notebooks or notes. In a future version, access control might be implemented. For example, to only give read-only access to the shared notebook."

On Joplin Cloud Plans | Joplin, there is text that reads "Sharing access control" under the 'Teams' plan.

What I am wondering is if Joplin Cloud (and possibly Joplin Server?) have functionality to share a read-only (access controlled) notebook/note?

I'd like to submit a PR to update the language if needed. Thanks!

In Joplin Cloud there's a way to publish your notes so they would be read-only. In Joplin Cloud Pro there's also collaboration feature that allows editing published notes.

"Sharing access control" in this list means that Team members can only share notebooks with their own team, which is what companies want in general (to prevent an employee to accidentally or purposely share documents with random Pro accounts for example)

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Thank you for the explanation. Would it be prudent to include this language on the Cloud Plans page (Joplin Cloud Plans | Joplin) ?

Maybe in the form of an "information" icon where you hover over the icon and a short explanation is provided, or possibly under the FAQ section?

Thank you, is it possible to publish an entire notebook read-only to share with yourself?

Yes, you can publish an entire notebook read-only (upd: no, you can't yet at the time of writing) and not share the link to it with anyone. Moreover, maybe you'd be interested, I've seen in development the feature to publish the graph of notes (note + all other linked notes).

Overall, I encourage you to sign up and try all the features you're interested in; the trial period is free

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This is indeed the plan.

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Do you happen to have the steps to accomplish publishing a note read-only? I can't seem to find any option for this in Joplin Cloud.

right click on the note in the note list?

Sorry I missed one critical thing here - I am looking to publish the entire notebook (not a single note) as read-only, but I can't seem to find any option for this.

Again, right click on the notebook in sidebar should have that option

I don't see an option for publishing the notebook, maybe I am missing something here?


"Share notebook" option on your screenshot maybe?

I tried that but unfortunately don’t see an option to share read-only.

I see, I'm sorry to confuse you, I guess I've misread the plan to implement this feature for announcement. After a quick search I don't see this feature to be implemented yet

Once again, my apologies

No worries! Hopefully this feature will be implemented in the future. In my research both Microsoft OneNote and apple notes supports sharing read-only notebooks. But of course, I’d prefer to stick to Joplin :slight_smile:

Do I understand correctly (I'm not yet on Joplin Cloud) that short of sharing a note read-only today, one can already publish it (in html on a dedicated url), so colleagues can indeed access the info read-only, while not straight in the form of a note?
(indeed, with the Joplin Web Clipper they even can import it rather cleanly if not in the exact same format, I think)

Yes I believe this is possible. When you publish a note, it looks something like:

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