Internal links when exporting

Practical info: Joplin 1.0.233 (prod, win32), Windows 10

Hello all. My first post here so if there’s info missing please let me know.

So, I am trying to run away from OneNote where I’ve been doing all my notes for my PhD research. Since I need to use a lot of linking features (mostly pdfs and links to other notes) I’d like to know if these features are currently available:

  1. When I need to backup all my research notebooks how can 1.1) export everything to .pdf without losing the internal organisation (folders and subfolders) while 1.2) being able to keep my internal notes’ links working? For this, I’ve tried to export to html file so that I could open all the notes online with no need for another note taking app and I can open the notes (in Opera) but when I click on a link to another note it tells me this:

“no application associated with “joplin:” protocol was found in your system”

  1. Is there any functionality for “link media” when I change the placement my attachments (mostly pdfs organised in folders in my digital library)? When I leave complete OneNote I’ll have to leave OneDrive too which means moving all the attachments to another cloud service and as far as I see now I’ll lose all the links and conections to these files.

Thanks a lot for your help.
I’ve searched already in the forum but I couldn’t find any relating posts. If there are already, please let me know