Export note with Chinese characters in the title

When I export the note with Chinese characters in the title, the Chinese characters is replaced by underline ‘_’.
I’m using Joplin 1.0.193 on windows 10 64bit.

Just tested on the master branch, this is confirmed



The issue appears to be with safeFilename function in ReactNativeClient/lib/path-utils.js. It strips all non-ascii characters.
It looks like their is an alternative function friendlySafeFilename that could probably be dropped in. @laurent is there a reason that friendlySafeFilename is only used on markdown export? If not I can make a pull request to change the pdf export (and perhaps some others?) to use friendlySafeFilename.

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Indeed friendlySafeFilename would be a better choice in this case, and I can’t think of any drawback, so yes feel free to update the pdf export and other exports you might find, and create a pull request.